Area Salvage and Contractors (ASC) Ltd - Specialist in: Equipment and Appliances Industrial & Domestic
Aggrey Palmer
Mr. Palmer is an Electrical contractor with over 25 years experience in high-low voltage electrical installation, HVAC, pumps and water systems, and power generators.
Dr. Patrick Dallas
Dr. Dallas is a multidisciplinary consultant, with over 30 years experience, with specialist qualifications in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Systems & Process Control Engineering, Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), with several publications across these disciplines. Experience includes: chemical and field industry engineering, process/production improvement, chemical process control, optimization, simulation & designing, cost control, technical evaluation, investigating process/control features and troubleshooting, project management, risk analysis and management, negotiations, international business and research.
Bill Mackenzie
Mr. Mackenzie is an Electrical Engineer who has been working in the field for over 40 years. He specializes in: Building Services, High-Voltage, Low-Voltage systems, Control Wiring, Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression systems, and Boiler Controls
Garth Francis
Mr. Francis is a specialist in Metal Fabrication, with over 28 years experience in pipe fitting, tank fabrication, mild steel welding, and tig/mig welding, using materials such as stainless steel, copper, and aluminum.
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